Friday, March 26, 2010

Freebie Kit and some BIG News!

Hello to all my followers.

I know I've promised you links to the 3rd and final kit I designed and contributed to the Designer Contest in which I participated earlier this year and, well, I finally got that together for you.  BUT FIRST...

I wanted to tell you about some BIG NEWS; well, BIG for me anyway.

I responded to a Designer Call that had been posted over at DST and I was accepted; I'm so excited about it!  I'm finalizing the details and the design of a couple of new kits and should be setting up in the store over the next week or two.  I'll be back here to post more information when all has been completed... I'll post the location at that time too, but I'll give you a hint, the site is mentioned 'somewhere' on my blog. ;-)

Now for the links to my Freebie kit, '1950s Reminiscence Revisited'.

The kit has 2 bows and 2 ribbons that the original kit did not have as well as 8 additional, solid-colored, textured papers.  I hope you enjoy them!

And, I'm re-posting the LO I made from this kit here, for you to see an example of the kit in use.

The kit is available in 3 separate downloads; click on the images for 'Elements', 'Papers1' and 'Papers2' for the 4-Shared Links (downloads expired).

That's it for today. See you soon with information on my new kits... I might even have some freebies for you (wink, wink).

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ADSR5 Challenge LOs 11 and 12

Well the race has come to an end... we'll have to wait another week I think before the grand prize winners are announced.

Challenge 11 was hosted by Polka Dot PlumFor this challenge, we were given a template, of sorts.  It was a template that had been jumbled.  Our assignment was to re-arrange the individual shapes and create a LO using all the template's parts.  The following images are the LOs created by my partner, Cee, (shown first) and I (shown second).  Both images are linked to their location in the NDISB ADSR5/Gallery, should you want a closer look or more information on them.

Aimee Asher was the host of Challenge 12.  We were given a template and were asked to create a greeting card and matching envelope.  Here's what we created:

Cee's card and envelope:

My card and envelope:

That's all for today.  I really do hope to be back in the next day or two with the links to my kit '1950's Reminiscence - Revisited'.  I've been really busy working on another project but I'll be back just as soon as I can.

Until then, Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ADSR5 - Layouts for Challenges 9 and 10

I'm a bit behind in my Blog postings... I blame it on life. :-)

Today's posting is to display the ADSR5 Challenge layouts that my partner, Cee, and I have completed for last week's challenges, numbers 9 and 10.

ADSR5 Challenge 9 was hosted by OScraps.  This challenge had a few requirements for both team members.  The first was to use the color wheel (shown in the OScrap Forum) and to select opposite colors to be the primary colors in our layouts; that is, one partner chooses a color and the other partner must use the opposite color.  Cee chose to use blue and I used orange.

After the color choices, we were then required to use some sort of 'paint' in our layouts and then choose 7 other items from a list of 9; and finally, we had to use, in whole or in part, the following statement, by Mary Lou Cook, as our inspiration: 'Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.'

My partner Cee's layout (the image is linked to it's location in the NDISB Gallery - click on the link for more information about this layout):

My layout (the image is linked to it's location in the NDISB Gallery - click on the link for more information about this layout):

ADSR5 Challenge 10 was hosted by Inspiration Lane.  For this challenge, we were required to combine our designs and create only one layout to post.  We had to use one photograph each and the designs had to tell about what it was that inspires us.  I think this one went quite nicely since both my partner and I are greatly inspired by the natural world.

Our combined layout (the image is linked to it's location in the NDISB Gallery - click on the link for more information about this layout):

The final two challenges of the ADSR5 have already been assigned for this week.  I'll be back later in the week to post those here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My 3rd Post Today - My Kit 'An Eclectic Blend - Revisited'

OK.  My last post of the day.

It's time to tell you about my kit, 'An Eclectic Blend'.  This was the first kit I created as an entry to the designer contest I was in ealier this year.  Now that the contest is over and the links no longer available at the host site, I decided I would 'revisit' it and re-release it here on my Blog, as I did with my kit 'Party Time'.

This 'revisited' version of the kit includes the following:
  • it is combined with the later released kit add-on
  • the extractions have been cleaned and smoothed
  • there are 3 NEW elements included with this release
In all you get 12 papers and 22 Elements.

The Elements:

The Papers:

The kit has been split into 3 downloadable files, here are the links (click the images to download - downloads expired):

Also, if you like QPs, I have one that goes with this kit; look for it in the 'Labels' section of my Blog.

Well that's it for today.  If you have the time to leave a comment or send me an email, I'd love to hear from you.

Happy Scrapping!

ADSR5 Challenge 8 Layouts

... and my second of 3 posts today.

Challenge 8, hosted by Elemental Scraps, asked that we scrap about 'Some Day'.  To quote them, "We've all said "someday...". Whether it's "someday, I'm going to get this filing cabinet cleared" or "someday, I'm going to find happiness" or anything in between. So, we want to see your "someday"

In this 'Some Day' LO we were to use a tone-on-tone paper, at least 10 elements and include both a title and some journaling, one of which must contain the words 'some day'.   Both Cee and I used the tone-on-tone paper they gave us; Cee recolored hers and I used it as is.

Here's Cee's LO - a beautiful winter scene from her home (image is linked to it's location in the NDISB Gallery):

Here's my LO - since I really struggle with the 'Some Day' thinking, my LO is more of a personal one (again, if you want to be able to read my journaling on this, you'll have to visit my LO in the NDISB Gallery - image is linked):

There are only 2 more weeks of the ADSR5, 4 more challenges, I'm curious to see what the hosts come up with next!

'See' you in the next post...

ADSR5 Challenges 7 Layouts

I can't seem to get Google Blogger to properly order my images and text so I'm going to have 3 separate posts today.  This being the first.

Here are the LOs that both my partner, Cee, and I have done this week for Challenge 7 of the ADSR5.

Challenge 7, hosted by Scrap Orchard, required that we scrap a list of 50 things we hope to do or accomplish in our lifetime.

I don't think I was very creative with mine; I inserted my list into a frame and did a basic LO.  However, in my opinion, Cee was very creative with her list.  Being a bird-watcher, and a bird-watcher with goals, she had made a list of 50 birds she wanted to spot this year and, having just taken a couple of days for herself and her husband, she spotted many of them in the past week and she snapped a great photo too!

Cee's LO (image is linked to it's location in the NDISB Gallery):

And here is my LO (if you want to read the text in my list, you'll need to go to the NDISB Gallery where it is posted - image is linked):

'See' you soon with more!

Monday, March 1, 2010

My 'Party Time' Kit, Revisited, Revised and Repackaged

Hello all.
Some of you may be aware that I was in a digital scrapbooking designer contest in January and February.  Well, since the contest is over, the hosting site has moved and my links are no longer available from the host site, I decided it was a good time to revisit the couple of kits I created while part of the contest and re-release them here on my blog.  So far, I've finished 'reworking' my kit 'Party Time'; you can expect the re-release of my kits, 'An Eclectic Blend' and '1950s Reminiscence' in the not too distant future.

What I've done to 'Party Time':
  • Revised - All elements that I created through photo extractions have been redone; they are cleaner and smother now
  • Repackaged - I've combined the original kit 'Party Time' with it's add-on kit; the combined kit is now called 'Party Time Revisited'
  • Renewed - I've removed a couple of redundant items and have added 3 new elements that had not previously been included in either kit
Since I wasn't able to create a new combined preview with which I could be happy, I've created separate previews for the papers and elements.

The Papers:
The Elements:

And, the thing you're all most interested in.....

.... of course is....

The download links (downloads expired):

I hope you enjoy the kit and I'd love to see any LOs made with it; send me your links so I can see your work.

Thanks for visiting and Happy Scrapping!

Challenge 6 of the ADSR5

Just a quick post here.

Challenge 6 of the ADSR5 was to be done by only one member of each team and since my partner, Cee, was the one who did this one, I had forgotten all about posting it.

The challenge was a bit difficult for her because the challenge was very specific about what you were to use and how it as to be laid out even right down to what the title should be and, as I'm sure it would have been for me, I think it hindered her 'creative flow', so to speak.

Here's her LO.  It's linked to the NDISB Gallery so if you want to go leave her some nice comments, I'm sure she'd appreciate that.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!