Friday, September 30, 2011

Nothing New For Me But A Freebie For YOU

The winners of the Next Designer Contest over at theStudio were announced yesterday morning... Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs, Rachel of Pretty In Green Designs and Vickilyn of Paper Capers Designs.  These 3 are the 3 I predicted would win; their design entries were beautiful.  Check them out, along with all the other fabulous contest entries for that round, by going HERE at theStudio Gallery.

Since I was not one of the top 3 winners, that means there will be nothing new for me... for now anyway.  However, yesterday I put together a quick little mini kit to contribute to theStudio's 2011 Birthday Bash, Member Mega kit challenge and that means a freebie for you!

  • To download this mini kit from MediaFire, for FREE, click on the image (download expired).
  • To checkout and download the other contributions to this Member Mega Kit Challenge, visit theStudio Galleries HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today; Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now I Wait

I didn't make it into the 4th round of the Layout Artist Competition over at theStudio but I did make it for the the 4th and final round of The Next Designer Contest. Yay!  My design was submitted on Monday and, well, not I wait.

For the final round we were given a one word theme of 'Midnight' and the only requirements were to have no more than 14 papers and now more than 40 elements, one of the elements had to be an Alphabetic set.

I chose a dark color palette for my kit, one of purple, blue and silver, rather traditional I think for a 'midnight' theme, and then I added red for a touch of romance.  The result?  My kit called 'Midnight Romance' - free for a limited time (please go to theStudio gallery by clicking HERE to obtain the download links)Download link expired - this kit is now available for purchase in my store HERE.

 Thanks for stopping by... Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rounds 2 and 3 of Contests at theStudio

It seems that I'm a bit behind in posting my progress in both the Layout Artist Competition and the Next Designer Contest over at theStudio...

My entry for Week 2 of the Layout Artist Competition was created using the kit 'Afternoon Delight' by JW Digiscraps - I created a page highlighting the day my husband and I met Gerald Charles Dickens, the great, great grandson of the famous author, Charles Dickens.  During the Christmas holiday season, Mr. Dickens performs in a one-man play of his ancestor's story, A Christmas Carol.  All I can say is he is phenomenal and if you ever get the chance to see one of his performances, I highly recommend it!

A True Delight!

My entry for Week 3 of the Layout Artist Competition was created using the collaborative kit 'Goodnight Sweatheart' by BooLand Designs and JulieC Designs  - I believe the polls are still open on this, until 24:00 hours EST tonight (Sept. 20th), so if you have the inkling to vote (you must already be a registered member to vote), the voting poll is HERE.

Pleasant Dreams

For round 2 of the Next Designer Contest we were given a two word theme of 'Summer Afternoon' and directed to used this as our title as well.

I spent a long time thinking about that theme and how I might apply it to a digital scrapbook kit, finally finding my inspiration on the idea of strolling through the park and feeding the ducks.  Since I worked in Boston, Massachusetts for many years and always enjoyed visiting the Boston Public Gardens and Boston Commons, I tried to reflect those places in my mini kit... the swan (from the garden's famous swan boats) and ducks (from the well known bronze sculptures by Nancy Schön which were themselves inspired by the well known children's story, 'Make Way For Ducklings', by Robert McCloskey) were hand-drawn using photographs of both as reference.

Download link expired.
For round 3 of Next Designer Contest we were given the two word theme of 'Evening News' and a request (it was not an obligation) to give it a vintage style.  We were given a base color palette which included 6 neutral colors; we were required to use at least 3 in our designs adding additional colors as desired.  Addtionally, we were not allowed to use and CU (commercial use) designer resources so that makes my mini kit, 'Times to Remember', a one of a kind.

Everything in this collection was created solely with the tools included with my software program (Adobe Photoshop CS5), my hand drawing capabilities and digital image scans of physical objects I own (i.e., books in the public domain - published in the 1800s).

Download link expired.

That's all for now; thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Next Designer Contest Round 1 - Mini Kit Freebie

OK, I may be a little nuts for doing this but I not only joined the 2011 Next Designer Contest at theStudio, I also joined the Layout Artist Competition... if I'm lucky enough to survive the rounds of eliminations then my weekends will be busy at the computer for the month of September!

Here's my layout for the Layout Artist Competition... if you feel so inclined and want to vote, the polls will be open on September 5th (closing at midnight on September 6th) and, I believe, will be posted in THIS forum thread.

Click HERE to view in theStudio Gallery - comments are welcome.

For the first round of the Next Designer Contest we were given a color palette with which to work and given the theme of 'daybreak'.  This got me thinking about mornings... birds singing, sun shining, drinking coffee, early morning blooms... from this I created this mini kit called 'Morning Glory'.  These are original designs by me; the only commercial use products used were for textures and styles on my drawn items.

This mini kit will be available for FREE for a limited time - click HERE to download from MediaFireDownload link expired.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hats Off to Autumn - Free With Purchase, Designer Collaborative Kit

There's a great deal going on over at The Nifty Boutique for the month of September!  The designers of E-Scape and Scrap have once again collaborated on a digital scrapbook kit; this one is an Autumn theme in a vintage/retro style with 42 digital papers and over 100 embellishments, titled, 'Hats Off to Autumn'.

The kit is $7.00 by itself but if you spend $10 on other products in The Nifty Boutique during the month of September then (with the coupon code fond on The Nifty Boutique Blog) you can get the kit for FREE.

Additionally, there a quite a few 'Hats Off to Autumn' add-ons available for $1.00 or $2.00 for the entire month of September, including my add-on kit (shown below) for $2.00.

For more information, go to The Nifty Boutique Blog, to this post HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!