Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Blog Offering Free Digital Scrapbook Designs and Designer Resources

I have a new blog!

Please visit me at 

This blog will, over time, be cleaned-up and some items will be moved to my new blog which will host free downloads of my digital designs.

Check out my recycled 'Bejeweled' kit and my new 'Bejeweled Alpha' (free downloads) at my new blog now.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

FREE Digital Scrapbook Product, Vintage Florals

Kim Broedelet (aka KimB's Designs) is one of my most favorite, digital scrapbook, designers and, for anyone who knows of her designs will know this, she has hosted many a color challenge through the years, providing color inspiration to those interested in creating scrapbook layouts or for those who wish to try their hand at designing.  It's these challenges offered by Kim that first piqued my interest in designing.

You can learn more about Kim Broedelet by visiting her blog HERE.

Well, it's been a long time since I participated in one of KimB's Color Challenges but I had a little time on my hands this month so I created this little mini to contribute to her April 2013 color challenge over at ScrapMatters.

My mini for the challenge is called, Vintage Florals; I hope you like it.

Download Vintage Florals Expired.

Although it's not obligatory to leave me a comment, I certainly wouldn't mind if you find yourself so inclined (insert smiley face here).

I'm still working on the 'A, B, C's' project I mentioned in my previous post but hope to have that available here soon.

Thanks for stopping by; Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My News - Closing My Store


I've decided to close my store at E-Scape and Scrap; it will be closed sometime in the next week.

The reasons for this decision are many fold, some positive, some negative - but all reasons I won't share here.


I want to take a bit of time to find a new direction for myself but, as of right now, my vision is to continue with the designing of digital scrapbook items but, instead of putting them up for sale in a store, I want to share most of them for free.  I may sell an occasional item but those I'll sell from either a personal store or directly from my blog.

I wish also to tap into my past work experiences developing training videos for computer software products and produce some videos or text posts for providing you with 'how-to' tutorials.

And lastly, I hope to find more time to do more actual scrapbooking and post an occasional sample here; perhaps the samples will enable a bit of inspiration for creating a few pages of your own.

Coming Up

  • I have something in the works right now I hope to share here in the next few weeks... Do you want a hint?  Think 'A-B-C's. ;-)
  • Also, I am planning on participating in the blog train at DigiScrap Forum coming in June.
So, I hope you'll not scratch me off your list of digital scrapbook blogs and come back to visit again.

Thanks for stopping by today; Happy Scrapping.