Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Time

Yikes, it's been almost 2 months since I've posted anything here on my blog! I've just been so busy!

Most all of my free time of late has been donated working for my local chapter of the national group known as The Compassionate Friends. This is a non-profit organization who's mission "is to assist families toward the positive resolution of grief following the death of a child of any age and to provide information to help others be supportive."

I discovered this group in 2003, shortly after the death of my 13-year-old son, Evan. Being bereaved parents themselves, they were an amazing source of comfort, support, understanding and compassion during the early stages of my grief and because of them, and in honor of my son's memory, I try to give back when I can. So, each year, during November and early December I create over 200 photo gifts and produce a memorial slide-show, featuring an even larger number of photos, for presentation at our chapter's annual observance of the event known as the Worldwide Candle Lighting. This is a project of which I am very compassionate and I gladly do it for the chance to be able to provide even a small bit of comfort to those struggling to find their way along life's oh-so-difficult path after losing one so precious.

The Worldwide Candle Lighting has passed for this year but if you would like to learn more about it and about The Compassionate Friends organization, please visit the web site of the national offices by using the links I have provided here.

Now, onto the business of digital scrapbooks and the winter holiday season...

I realize that Christmas is only 3 days away. AND I realize that I'm rather 'late to the game', as they say, with my latest kit, 'Christmas Time'. But, well, um, that is me, Ms. Procrastination... and well, as I mentioned above, I have been otherwise occupied.

Maybe there are some of you out there that are my opposite and create things early, well in advance of the next year's holidays and events, and instead of thinking that I'm 'late' with my new designs, maybe you can think of me as very 'early'??? LOL. Whatever anyone thinks, early or late, here's my latest kit, which you can find in my store by clicking here.

And here's a little gift for you; it coordinates with my Christmas Time Kit. Download by clicking here (download expired).

Moving forward into 2011, I hope to give my blog a make-over and not leave it so poorly neglected... here is wishing everyone a Happy New Year; may your year be filled with lots of photo memories to scrapbook!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Blog Train - The Orient - November 2010

It's time for The Blog Train!

What's a blog train?  It's a digital scrapbooking collaborative effort.  Multiple digital scrapbook designers get together (not in the physical sense, it is cyberspace after-all) and, working with the same theme and color palette, each create a mini digital scrapbooking kit and then offer them to you, the digital scrapbooking community, for FREE.  You, the digital scrapbooker, then travel from blog to blog collecting any (or all) of the mini kits you wish and when you've finished downloading them all, you have one mega-sized, digital scrapbooking kit to create beautiful, personal memory pages or books for yourself.  Sounds great, huh?

The Blog Train for November, 2010 is called 'The Orient'.  Beginning today (November 1st, 2010), and continuing through the end of the month you can 'ride the train' to collect mini kits from 100 participating designers! And, I must say that in my opinion, this month's collections of kits are just superb; I can't wait to download them all myself!

But before you move on, be sure to download my gift for you (download expired).

Download it by clicking on the image (download expired).

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Free Mini Kit, 'Tranquil'

I created a mini kit for this month's color challenge over at theStudio.

When I looked at the combination of colors in the color palette, I had a feeling of peacefulness, hence the name of my kit, 'Tranquil'.

It's free until the end of the month by using the 4Shared download link below. After that it will be available in my store.

Sorry - link has expired.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

A New Digital Scrapbooking Kit, 'Softly Fading'

Oh my, it sure has been awhile since I've posted!  And today I've just a quick post to show you my new kit, Softly Fading.

Inspired by the fading colors of the natural world during the autumn season, of which I am in the midst.  I think this kit might be nice for creating layouts with your autumn-time photographs, I also think the soft colors, along with the tree and leaf elements, would work well for family history pages.

Here is a layout I created using this kit - it's a photo from my family photo archives, before I was born:

My 'Softly Fading' kit can be found in my store in The Nifty Boutique.
Click HERE to go my store now.

Well that's all for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sale - New Kit - Contest Update - Freebies

Whoa, it's been 3 weeks since I posted!  I've been rather busy.


First, I'm having a 2-day 'Celebration of Fall' sale starting tomorrow.  All products in my store at The Nifty Boutique will be 30% off Saturday and Sunday, September 25th and 26th, 2010.  Be sure to stop by and check it out.

New Kit

I've added a new kit to my store called 'Georgette'.  It has soft pinks, browns and grays with a touch of not-too-bright yellow, usable for many different layout themes.  This new kit will of course be included in the 'Celebration of Fall' sale this weekend.

Contest Update & Freebies

And finally, an update on my standing in the 'Next Designer Contest' that I mentioned in my last post.  Well, I'm almost embarrassed to say, I didn't get enough votes to move beyond the first round of the contest.  However, those that didn't make to round 2 were given the opportunity to participate in what they called the '2nd Chance Contest'.  This one I did manage to survive but that has since ended and the winner was not I.  If you want to know more about the contests and other birthday celebrations going on at Digital Scrapbooking Studio, click on the link I have for theStudio in my 'Digital Scrapbooking Sites of Interest' column.

Here are the previews of my contributions to the contest.  The previews are linked to their location in the gallery of theStudio where you can obtain the download links.  Please note, these will be free for downloading only through the end of this month.

That's all for today; Happy Scrapping All!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Next Designer Contest and Loads of FREEBIES!

I'm participating in the Next Designer Contest over at The Digital Scrapbooking Studio (aka theStudio) which began Wednesday, September 1st.  I think there are a total of 92 participants enrolled so what that means is, LOADS of FREEBIES for you!

In an effort to keep the contest fair and based on the creativity and designs of the participants as well as prevent it from becoming a popularity contest, all participants were given a secret identity (a number) so, I can't tell you which kit is mine.

Today at 3:00 PM US Eastern Time is the deadline for submitting our mini kits based on this color palette and theme:

Some time after that there will be a poll posted for voting and even though I can't tell you which one is mine, I'd still love it if you headed over and voted for your favorites (deadline for voting is Monday, the 6th)!  And of course, while you're there, pick up some of those freebies!

Here are the links:
Main Page of The Digital Scrapbooking Studio:
The Gallery
The Gallery for Week One's Free Mini Kits:
The Forum (you'll need to be a member in order to vote - but membership is free and it only takes a few minutes)

Thanks for stopping by today and Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Blog Train - Fall Carnival - September 2010

It's time for The Blog Train!

What's a blog train?  It's a digital scrapbooking collaborative effort.  Multiple digital scrapbook designers get together (not in the physical sense, it is cyberspace after-all) and, working with the same theme and color palette, each create a mini digital scrapbooking kit and then offer them to you, the digital scrapbooking community, for FREE.  You, the digital scrapbooker, then travel from blog to blog collecting any (or all) of the mini kits you wish and when you've finished downloading them all, you have one mega-sized, digital scrapbooking kit to create beautiful, personal memory pages or books for yourself.  Sounds great, huh?

The Blog Train for September, 2010 is called 'Fall Carnival'.  Beginning today (September 1st, 2010), and continuing through the end of the month you can 'ride the train' to collect mini kits from 100 participating designers!

I am stop number 72 along The Blog Train route.

The stop just before mine is that of 'Snips and Snails Designs' at and your next stop, number 73, will be to Maitri Scraps at

But before you move on, be sure to download my gift for you.

Download it by clicking on the image (download expired).

For a complete list of participating designers and their urls, visit the home of The Blog Train at

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Birthday Bash and Freebies

Starting on Monday, August 30, 2010, E-Scape and Scrap is having a big birthday bash that you probably don't want to miss!

E-Scape and Scrap turned 6 years old in July but because of the server hosting problems that occurred in June and July the celebration has been delayed.  But we're ready now!  Please help us all celebrate by stopping by on Monday.  There will be a treasure hunt for free downloads of our designer collaborative kit 'Astrological Dreams', challenges, games and prizes, and some 'silly' sales.

Visit The Nifty Blog for more information and to keep informed about the happenings during the week long celebration.

E-Scape and Scrap 'Meet The Team' page: 
The Nifty Boutique: 
The Nifty Blog: 
The E-Scape and Scrap Gallery: 
E-Scape and Scrap Facebook page: 

Happy Birthday E-Scape and Scrap!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Treat at The Nifty Boutique

Every Tuesday, one of the E-Scape and Scrap designers offers some sort of 'treat' for free.  The Tuesday Treat is free through the Friday following the day it is first offered.

This week's Tuesday Treat is by me, an add-on to my Baby's Firsts kit.  Although it is an add-on to my baby themed kit, all of the items are fairly generic and can be used for most any theme you can think of for your scrapbooking pages, you don't have to be restricted to using it for scrapping your baby pages.

Get it FREE starting today, Tuesday, August 24, 2010 and continuing through Friday, August 27, 2010.  After that it will still be available in my shop for $2.99.

The download is available through The Nifty Boutique; click on the image to go there now.

While you're there, you may want to sign up to receive The Nifty Boutique newsletter so you can be kept informed about all future Tuesday Treats.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Digital Scrapbooking Mini Kits

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a free mini kit available from The Nifty Blog.

Just click on the image above to head over to The Nifty Blog to download this mini and a few others too. 

Happy Scrapping!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Designing Contests and Freebies


I'm just checking in today to bring you (LOL, if there are any of 'you' out there actually following me) up to date on my status with designer contests and to let you know about some freebies available over at The Nifty Blog (the blog of the E-Scape and Scrap designers).

I'm no longer participating in the Designer Survivor Contest over at Brownie Scraps; I needed to drop out due to having too much on my plate with other things that needed doing.  However, I will be joining the upcoming designer contest that theStudio will be having starting September 1st as part of their birthday bash celebration.

I'm very excited about joining this particular contest because theStudio was my first 'home' in the digital scrapbooking world (back when it was called Stone Accents Studio) and I was on the creative team there for 9 months in 2008.  I would be ever so happy to be able to 'win' that contest and be offered a position in their store; for me this would be, as they say, the icing on the cake!

So, be sure to head on over to theStudio and join the forum so you can join in on the voting when the time comes.

I also wanted to tell you about some freebies that can be found over at The Nifty Blog.  The designers at E-Scape and Scrap have created a bunch of mini kits with the same color palette.

A new mini is being given away for free each week.  This was started on August 3rd and I'll have one coming along there soon myself.  Don't miss out, head on over and check it out (the color palette image is linked to the blog).

Also, if you aren't already signed up for the E-Scape and Scrap Newsletter, why not take a few minutes to do that today?  That way you won't miss out on all the Tuesday Treats (more freebies).  Just go to The Nifty Boutique and you'll see the newsletter sign-up near the top left of the page.

That's all for today.... Happy Scrapping!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Back In Business and a Special Coupon!

I've great news!
The Nifty Boutique is up and running again!

All the designers at E-Scape and Scrap, myself included, have been busy the last couple of days restocking our store shelves at The Nifty Boutique.  Stop by and have a look around.
Here's the link to my store at The Nifty Boutique:  Rose Thorn

But before you head off to shop... check out my newest kits and get your special, store-wide, coupon below!

My Mega 'Baby's Firsts' kit*
(for scrapping your Baby's First year and beyond)
* Both the Element Pack and the Paper Pack can be purchased separately if desired.

The Element Pack
The Paper Pack

The Alpha Set 
(included in the Element Pack)
(Click on the image for a larger view.)

The Frame Set
(included in the Element Pack)

The Tag Set with 12 Overlay Labels
(included in the Element Pack)

(this has been updated from it's earlier release in May).

Special Store-Wide Coupon - To celebrate being back online, the E-Scape and Scrap designers are offering a special coupon to all customers of The Nifty Boutique.

Spend $10 or more in products and get 40% off your purchase.
Use coupon code:  August
Limit one use per customer.
Offer expires August 31, 2010. 

Important information about store login -  If you are a returning customer to The Nifty Boutique, you may get a message that your password is not valid or that you are not a registered user.  If that should happen, it is suggested that you clear your browser cookies and cache and try again.  If that doesn't correct the situation, you may contact the store owner by using the 'Contact Us' link, found at the top right of the web site.

And, just for stopping by today, I have a gift for you. 
It's a 'felted' Panda head; isn't he cute?

To download, first click on the Panda (this will load the full-sized .png file rather than the smaller, version shown here) then right-click on the image and choose 'Save Image as'.

Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Designer Survivor 2010 Contest - Grab Your Freebies Before They're Gone

Hello all my digital scrapbooking friends!

Oh, it's been a very busy week for me with the Designer Survivor contest!  On July 30th, we were all given our first week's challenge and our team assignment; I was assigned to the Red Team.  The other members on my team are:
We were given a color palette of 10 colors and told, as a team, to choose 5 of them and, also as a team, come up with a theme and create a kit.  Additionally we were each given a specific list of items to create for the kit.  I think our team did a great job!

Our theme, and kit title, is 'Boys And Their Toys'.  Here's our final Preview:

And here's the preview of my portion of this kit:

If you want to grab this kit as well 9 other free kits (there were 10 teams in all), head on over to the Brownie Scraps Gallery for Week 1 of the Designer Survivor contest.

BUT HURRY!  The links are only expected to be active until Saturday, August 7th!

Enjoy your freebies and Happy Scrapping!

Friday, July 30, 2010

A List of Default Tools for PSE7

Today I'm posting something a little different from my normal.

Since I started down the avenue of designing in digital I've discovered that there is a lot to learn about copyright ethics and laws.  This is a topic that comes up often in the digital scrapbooking communities and the rules are not always black and white, some are rather gray and are interpreted differently from person to person.  Anyway, I'm not going to talk today about the laws or rules as I interpret them, nor will I point you to anyplace in particular on the Internet to learn more about them yourself, instead I just want to state, for my own record, that in my designing, I strive to create original products and although I have used CU (Commercial Use) products created by others (such as a scanned image of a ribbon), I try to do this on a limited basis.  I do, however, use quite a few resource tools (like brushes and styles that can be used within the Adobe software programs).  When I do use this type of resource, created by other people, I always read the TOU (Terms of Use) documents and follow the rules they set within.

Anyway, the real reason for my post today is derived from one of the rules set in the Designer Survivor contest in which I am participating over at Brownie Scraps; that rule being, we can only use resources (such as brushes and styles) that came packaged with our designer software, no CU resources, whether purchased or acquired for free, can be used.  That has a number of people wondering (myself included), 'Just exactly what ARE the defaults of my software program?'

In an effort to help with determining this, I thought I'd share what I discovered as the defaults for my particular software program, which is PSE7 (I purchased it bundled with PRE7).  For any other users of this software, I hope this list helps you.

I understand that the location of these files differs somewhat from OS to OS and between a Windows PC and a MAC so I can only offer information from my environment (Windows Vista - 64bit) but if you can find your Adobe preset folder you can easily determine what your default files are by their date created.  It appears that they all have a creation date of 9/16/2008 (since PSE7 was released in October of 2008, that would seem to be correct).

So, what follows are both a visual list (screen capture of my preset folders) and a text list of the PSE7 default files for Brushes, Custom Shapes, Layer Effects aka Styles, Patterns and Textures.  (Note:  If you click on the images, you'll get a closer look.)

Default Brushes are:

  • Assorted Brushes.abr
  • Calligraphic Brushes.abr
  • Drop Shadow Brushes.abr
  • Dry Media Brushes.abr
  • Faux Finish Brushes.abr
  • Natural Brushes.abr
  • Natural Brushes 2.abr
  • Pen Pressure.abr
  • Special Effect Brushes.abr
  • Square Brushes.abr
  • Thick Heavy Brushes.abr
  • Wet Media Brushes.abr

Default Patterns are:

  • Artist Surfaces.pat
  • Nature Patterns.pat
  • Patterns.pat
  • Patterns2.pat
  • Rock Patterns.pat
  • Texture Fill.pat
  • Texture Fill 2.pat
Default Custom Shapes are:
  • All Elements Shapes.csh
  • Animals.csh
  • Animals2.csh
  • Arrows.csh
  • Banners and Awards.csh
  • Characters.csh
  • Crop Shapes.csh
  • Dressup.csh
  • Face.csh
  • Flowers.csh
  • Foliage and Trees.csh
  • Food.csh
  • Frames.csh
  • Fruit.csh
  • Music.csh
  • Nature.csh
  • Objects.csh
  • Ornaments.csh
  • Shapes.csh
  • Signs.csh
  • Symbols.csh
  • Talk Bubbles.csh
  • Tiles.csh

Layer Effects aka Styles are:

  •  Bevels.asl
  •  Drop Shadows.asl
  •  Inner Glows.asl
  •  Inner Shadows.asl
  •  Outer Glows.asl
  • Visibility.asl
  • Complex.asl
  • Glass Buttons.asl
  • Image Effects.asl
  • Patterns.asl
  • Photographic Effects.asl
  • Wow Chrome.asl
  • Wow Neon.asl
  • Wow Plastic.asl

Default Textures are:

  • Blue Pastels.jpg
  • Burnt Red Pastel Paper.jpg
  • Charcoal on Paper.jpg
  • Dirt.jpg
  • Granite.jpg
  • Grass.jpg
  • Lambswool.jpg
  • Leafy Bush.jpg
  • Linen.jpg
  • Purple Daisies.jpg
  • Purples Pastels.jpg
  • Sepia Marble Paper.jpg
  • Spike Bush.jpg
  • Stucco Color.jpg
  • Wild Red Flowers.jpg
  • Wrinkle Wood Paper.jpg
  • Yellow Green Chalk.jpg
  • Yellow Tan Dry Brush.jpg
  • Feathers.psd
  • Footprints.psd
  • Frosted Glass.psd
  • Lines.psd
  • Mountains1.psd
  • Puzzle.psd
  • Rust Flakes.psd
  • Snake Skin.psd
  • Strands 1.psd
  • Stucco 2.psd

 Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Contest for ME and a Freebie for YOU


I've joined another digital designer contest; whoohoo!  I think this one's going to be a blast.  It's the Designer Survivor contest over at Brownie Scraps.  It's loosely based on a television show with a similar name... we'll be working in teams (after the initial challenge) and there will be team member voting off rounds.  I'm hoping to meet some nice people, learn new things and create new products along the way.

So, our first challenge was/is to create a template.  Since I don't use templates myself and I've certainly never created one, this first round was indeed, for me, a challenge!

What I've done:  I took one of my favorite layouts which I created when I was on the Creative Team of CanDesigns (who, sadly, is no longer designing) and created a template from that.  After completing the template, I recreated my old layout (updated it I guess you could say).

Here's my layout (my mother with my siblings... long before I was born):

And here is the template I created:

The template is a freebie for you - you can download the files by going to my template preview in the Brownie Scraps Gallery.

There a lots of other fabulous templates there for you to download and play with.  Enjoy; and keep checking back for updates on the progress of the contest!

Friday, July 23, 2010

KimB's July 2010 Color Challenge at DSO and My Free Contribution

Today I have another freebie mini kit for you.

This one is called 'Plum Jam' and I created it as a contribution to the July 2010 Color Challenge at DSO (DigiScrap Obsession) forums; here's the color palette used for this challenge:

And here's the preview of the freebie I have today:

Items in this collection:
  • 4 Papers
  • 1 Border/Trim
  • 1 Journaling Tag
  • 3 Fasteners (same basic shape with different colored centers)
  • 1 Bow and Leaf Cluster
  • 2 Floral Flourishes
  • 1 Leaf Flourish
  • 1 Frame
Click on the preview image to download the archive file (download expired).

 Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Store Status and a Freebie Color Challenge Mini Kit for July

Just a note about my store status, to anyone who's interested, The Nifty Boutique at EScape and Scrap is still having server host issues so my 'for sale' products are still unavailable at this time.  I am holding out hope that I'll be up and running again by the end of the month, if not with EScape and Scrap then with another store... wish me luck.  :-) 

For my small group of followers and, LOL, any other digital scrapbookers that happen to wander by my little blog here, I have a freebie mini kit for you today called, 'Salty Air'.  It's my contribution to the July, 2010 Color Challenge over at theStudio (aka Digital Scrapbooking Studio) Forum.

This month's challenge, hosted my Monika Designs, uses a delicate blue and pink color palette and since Monika went with a theme of the sea, I did the same.

To download this freebie mini kit, just click on the image preview (download expired).

After you've downloaded my mini freebie, be sure to head over to theStudio and take part in this month's Color Challenge too, Monika has a nice freebie for participants and there are other kit contributions available as well.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Another Mini Kit - My Contribution to theStudio's Color Challenge for June

I managed to participate in yet another Color Challenge this month... and this time I really am doing it at the last minute; today is the last day!

Digital Scrapbooking Studio (DSS for short; aka theStudio) has a color challenge for it's members each month.  It's currently hosted by Monika of Monika Designs, one of my favorite designers.  Similar to other digital scrapbooking color challenges, participants have the choice of creating a layout or designing a mini kit to share, using the colors provided in the chosen color palette.  The sweet thing about this site's color challenge is you are given a free mini kit at the start of the month.  Check out the theStudio's forum and challenges for yourself, it's a great place to socialize and there's plenty of inspiration to be found there.

So, here's my contribution to theStudio's Color Challenge this month; I hope you like it.

To download, click on the preview image (download expired).

Thanks for stopping by; Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Free Mini Kit - A contribution to the DSO Color Challenge

Each month, over at DSO (DigiScrap Obsession), KimB hosts a wonderful Color Challenge where one can participate by either creating a layout or some sort of freebie, like a mini kit, to share with others; the only rule is you must use at least 3 of the colors in the month's chosen color palette.  KimB provides the color palette and, at the end of the month, she gives each participant a sweet mini kit of her own design using the same color palette.

This always seems to be a popular challenge (I'm sure it's because of the great talents of KimB!) and often there are a number of people contributing freebie items so that by the end of the month one can put together a fair-sized, collaborative kit to add to their stash of personal use, digital scrapbooking, products.

I don't always find the time to participate in this challenge but I did this month... so, here's my contribution to the June 2010 DSO Color Challenge, free for the taking.  I hope you like it.  Leave me a comment if you have the time; I'd love to hear from you.

To download, click on the Preview image (download expired).

Happy Scrapping all!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Freebie - Odds And Ends June 2010

When I design a kit, I often have 'left-overs' -- items that I created with the same color palette but just don't make it into the final product for some reason or another.  I've decided that, from time to time, I'll put these items into an 'Odds And Ends' collection and offer them here, on my blog, for free.

So, today I have my first  'Odds and Ends' collection for you.  This one uses the same color  palette used for my 'Baby's Firsts' kit.

The style of this collection isn't 'baby' themed but I suppose it doesn't necessarily mean you can't use it with my 'Baby's Firsts' kit.

To learn more about my 'Baby's Firsts' kit (which is not yet available in my store) and for a CHANCE TO WIN the entire kit, visit my blog post from yesterday (or click HERE).  The chance to win runs through Monday evening only (June 28, 2010).
To download the Odds And Ends - (downloads expired).

If you have time to leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time, Happy Scrapping!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New Kit, 'Baby's Firsts', coming soon and how you can win it!

Well, I've finally finished my baby themed kit and it is mega-sized!  It's called, 'Baby's Firsts'.

I created this kit with the idea that it should provide a wide range of papers and elements to enable you to create a full year of your baby's life (specifically the 1st year) and allow you to have a consistent color scheme throughout; a kit that would be useful for creating a full album or book.  I think I got a bit carried away though, with 40 papers and 116 Elements and an Alpha set.  LOL, I had other ideas too but if I kept going I'd probably never be finished.

It's not yet in my store because the store's site is having some server problems right now and I don't want to upload it there until those problems have been resolved (they moved our site to another server and in so doing, we lost all of May and June's uploads... so the store, in it's current state, is incomplete).  Keep an eye out here; I'll post about it when it's finally in the store.

In the interim, you can have a chance to win the entire kit.  Visit my post in The Happy Place over at the DigiShopTalk (DST) Forums (the link is HERE), leave me a comment there and you might be the lucky winner... I'll be choosing a winner at random on Monday evening.

And finally, the previews:

The Elements

The Papers

The Alpha

And I'll close with a teaser... I'll have a freebie posted here soon, I'm hoping tomorrow, so be sure to come back and check it out.  It uses the same color palette as my 'Baby Firsts' kit but it not necessarily 'baby' themed.

Until then, Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

E-scape and Scrap Blog Train - Freebie download

Welcome to the E-scape and Scrap,
'Summer So Fine',
Blog Train!

This is stop 12 of the blog train and I have a collection of 5 FREE Brads that coordinate with our team's collaborative kit, 'Summer So Fine' (the full kit is available at The Nifty Boutique).

To download this freebie, click HERE or on the preview image above (download expired).

Carol's Corner will be your next stop on the blog train; she has for you the lovely QP shown below.

*Note:  The blog train downloads will be available through the end of June, 2010.

If you lose your way along the blog train, you can always to to the train 'station', which you can find at The Nifty Blog.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

Monday, June 7, 2010

An E-Scape and Scrap designer collaborative and a mini kit, 'Summer Evening'


Well I had my surgery on May26th and it was really rough going for a bit there... but now I'm feeling much better and can start doing more designing. Yay!

The Baby themed kit I mentioned that I was working on is still in the design phase and because I'm trying to create a large kit, it's going to be a bit longer still.

News from The Nifty Boutique, the store of the E-Scape and Scrap designers, is that we've collaborated on a large kit with a summer theme; it's called 'Summer So Fine'.

'Summer So Fine' is now in the store and you can purchase it for $8.00 or, better still, get it FREE when you spend $10 on other products in the store. The code to receive it free is SSF Summer Gift, but if you forget, it's mentioned in the production description area on it's page in the boutique.

You can find the 'Summer So Fine' kit in the  'Seasons/Holidays - Summer' category of The Nifty Boutique or by clicking HERE.

I also have a new mini kit called 'Summer Evening'.

It's available in The Nifty Boutque for $2.99. Go there now by clicking HERE or by clicking on the preview image.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!