Friday, July 30, 2010

A List of Default Tools for PSE7

Today I'm posting something a little different from my normal.

Since I started down the avenue of designing in digital I've discovered that there is a lot to learn about copyright ethics and laws.  This is a topic that comes up often in the digital scrapbooking communities and the rules are not always black and white, some are rather gray and are interpreted differently from person to person.  Anyway, I'm not going to talk today about the laws or rules as I interpret them, nor will I point you to anyplace in particular on the Internet to learn more about them yourself, instead I just want to state, for my own record, that in my designing, I strive to create original products and although I have used CU (Commercial Use) products created by others (such as a scanned image of a ribbon), I try to do this on a limited basis.  I do, however, use quite a few resource tools (like brushes and styles that can be used within the Adobe software programs).  When I do use this type of resource, created by other people, I always read the TOU (Terms of Use) documents and follow the rules they set within.

Anyway, the real reason for my post today is derived from one of the rules set in the Designer Survivor contest in which I am participating over at Brownie Scraps; that rule being, we can only use resources (such as brushes and styles) that came packaged with our designer software, no CU resources, whether purchased or acquired for free, can be used.  That has a number of people wondering (myself included), 'Just exactly what ARE the defaults of my software program?'

In an effort to help with determining this, I thought I'd share what I discovered as the defaults for my particular software program, which is PSE7 (I purchased it bundled with PRE7).  For any other users of this software, I hope this list helps you.

I understand that the location of these files differs somewhat from OS to OS and between a Windows PC and a MAC so I can only offer information from my environment (Windows Vista - 64bit) but if you can find your Adobe preset folder you can easily determine what your default files are by their date created.  It appears that they all have a creation date of 9/16/2008 (since PSE7 was released in October of 2008, that would seem to be correct).

So, what follows are both a visual list (screen capture of my preset folders) and a text list of the PSE7 default files for Brushes, Custom Shapes, Layer Effects aka Styles, Patterns and Textures.  (Note:  If you click on the images, you'll get a closer look.)

Default Brushes are:

  • Assorted Brushes.abr
  • Calligraphic Brushes.abr
  • Drop Shadow Brushes.abr
  • Dry Media Brushes.abr
  • Faux Finish Brushes.abr
  • Natural Brushes.abr
  • Natural Brushes 2.abr
  • Pen Pressure.abr
  • Special Effect Brushes.abr
  • Square Brushes.abr
  • Thick Heavy Brushes.abr
  • Wet Media Brushes.abr

Default Patterns are:

  • Artist Surfaces.pat
  • Nature Patterns.pat
  • Patterns.pat
  • Patterns2.pat
  • Rock Patterns.pat
  • Texture Fill.pat
  • Texture Fill 2.pat
Default Custom Shapes are:
  • All Elements Shapes.csh
  • Animals.csh
  • Animals2.csh
  • Arrows.csh
  • Banners and Awards.csh
  • Characters.csh
  • Crop Shapes.csh
  • Dressup.csh
  • Face.csh
  • Flowers.csh
  • Foliage and Trees.csh
  • Food.csh
  • Frames.csh
  • Fruit.csh
  • Music.csh
  • Nature.csh
  • Objects.csh
  • Ornaments.csh
  • Shapes.csh
  • Signs.csh
  • Symbols.csh
  • Talk Bubbles.csh
  • Tiles.csh

Layer Effects aka Styles are:

  •  Bevels.asl
  •  Drop Shadows.asl
  •  Inner Glows.asl
  •  Inner Shadows.asl
  •  Outer Glows.asl
  • Visibility.asl
  • Complex.asl
  • Glass Buttons.asl
  • Image Effects.asl
  • Patterns.asl
  • Photographic Effects.asl
  • Wow Chrome.asl
  • Wow Neon.asl
  • Wow Plastic.asl

Default Textures are:

  • Blue Pastels.jpg
  • Burnt Red Pastel Paper.jpg
  • Charcoal on Paper.jpg
  • Dirt.jpg
  • Granite.jpg
  • Grass.jpg
  • Lambswool.jpg
  • Leafy Bush.jpg
  • Linen.jpg
  • Purple Daisies.jpg
  • Purples Pastels.jpg
  • Sepia Marble Paper.jpg
  • Spike Bush.jpg
  • Stucco Color.jpg
  • Wild Red Flowers.jpg
  • Wrinkle Wood Paper.jpg
  • Yellow Green Chalk.jpg
  • Yellow Tan Dry Brush.jpg
  • Feathers.psd
  • Footprints.psd
  • Frosted Glass.psd
  • Lines.psd
  • Mountains1.psd
  • Puzzle.psd
  • Rust Flakes.psd
  • Snake Skin.psd
  • Strands 1.psd
  • Stucco 2.psd

 Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Another Contest for ME and a Freebie for YOU


I've joined another digital designer contest; whoohoo!  I think this one's going to be a blast.  It's the Designer Survivor contest over at Brownie Scraps.  It's loosely based on a television show with a similar name... we'll be working in teams (after the initial challenge) and there will be team member voting off rounds.  I'm hoping to meet some nice people, learn new things and create new products along the way.

So, our first challenge was/is to create a template.  Since I don't use templates myself and I've certainly never created one, this first round was indeed, for me, a challenge!

What I've done:  I took one of my favorite layouts which I created when I was on the Creative Team of CanDesigns (who, sadly, is no longer designing) and created a template from that.  After completing the template, I recreated my old layout (updated it I guess you could say).

Here's my layout (my mother with my siblings... long before I was born):

And here is the template I created:

The template is a freebie for you - you can download the files by going to my template preview in the Brownie Scraps Gallery.

There a lots of other fabulous templates there for you to download and play with.  Enjoy; and keep checking back for updates on the progress of the contest!

Friday, July 23, 2010

KimB's July 2010 Color Challenge at DSO and My Free Contribution

Today I have another freebie mini kit for you.

This one is called 'Plum Jam' and I created it as a contribution to the July 2010 Color Challenge at DSO (DigiScrap Obsession) forums; here's the color palette used for this challenge:

And here's the preview of the freebie I have today:

Items in this collection:
  • 4 Papers
  • 1 Border/Trim
  • 1 Journaling Tag
  • 3 Fasteners (same basic shape with different colored centers)
  • 1 Bow and Leaf Cluster
  • 2 Floral Flourishes
  • 1 Leaf Flourish
  • 1 Frame
Click on the preview image to download the archive file (download expired).

 Enjoy and Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Store Status and a Freebie Color Challenge Mini Kit for July

Just a note about my store status, to anyone who's interested, The Nifty Boutique at EScape and Scrap is still having server host issues so my 'for sale' products are still unavailable at this time.  I am holding out hope that I'll be up and running again by the end of the month, if not with EScape and Scrap then with another store... wish me luck.  :-) 

For my small group of followers and, LOL, any other digital scrapbookers that happen to wander by my little blog here, I have a freebie mini kit for you today called, 'Salty Air'.  It's my contribution to the July, 2010 Color Challenge over at theStudio (aka Digital Scrapbooking Studio) Forum.

This month's challenge, hosted my Monika Designs, uses a delicate blue and pink color palette and since Monika went with a theme of the sea, I did the same.

To download this freebie mini kit, just click on the image preview (download expired).

After you've downloaded my mini freebie, be sure to head over to theStudio and take part in this month's Color Challenge too, Monika has a nice freebie for participants and there are other kit contributions available as well.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!