GENERAL TOU - Updated Febrary 3, 2013 

Although most all of Rose Thorn's digital scrapbook products are for purposes of PU/S4O/S4H (Personal Use/Scrap For Others/Scrap For Hire), there may be times when it is necessary to alter this (making them PU only). For this reason, a 'product specific' TOU (Terms of Use) text file is included with each product Rose Thorn produces. PLEASE BE SURE TO READ, RETAIN AND ABIDE BY THE TOU WHICH ACCOMPANIES ANY OF ROSE THORN'S PRODUCTS YOU ATTAIN.

General TOU (Terms of Use):
© Copyright Rose Thorn.
Your possession of my digital image/graphic creations, whether obtained for free or by paying a fee, allows/disallows the following rights.
  • You MAY use the image/graphic files contained herein for your own, personal-use projects.
  • You MAY use the image/graphic files contained herein to create derivative works (flat image files, such as scrap book layouts) to be submitted to online galleries, or online and printed publications, etc.; however, please do not claim them as your own.
  • You MAY use the image/graphic files contained herein to create paper products for others, such as a digital scrapbooking pages/layouts and greeting cards, free or for a fee (S4O/Scrap For Others & S4H/Scrap For Hire), PROVIDED THAT the final product being delivered, given or sold is either a printed copy or a digital-image file that has been flattened (does not contain any of the individual image files as were made available to you with my products).
NOT Permitted:
  • You may NOT give away or sell any of the image/graphic files contained herein, neither individually nor grouped with others.
  • You may NOT claim any of these image/graphic files or designs as your own creations.