Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Treasures - a Color Challenge mini Freebie

I participated in the December, 2011, color challenge going on at theStudio this month; I fell in love with the color palette.  This means another freebie for my few followers... whoever you are. :)

The zip file for this 'Holiday Treasures' mini kit is hosted at MediaFire - the link is HERE - Enjoy! - (Download Expired).

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you. :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Holiday Cookies - the Digital Kind

Decorate your holiday scrapbook layouts with 'Holiday Cookies'... the digital kind, of course.

I have just added this 'Holiday Cookies' element pack to my store and it's on sale for half price through the end of this month.

Coordinates with the Nifty Designer Series kit, Nature's Holiday, which can be obtained free with a minimum purchase, from any designer, at E-Scape and Scraps store, the Nifty Boutique.  Learn more about by reading my post on November 27th, or by visiting the store HERE (details can be found within the product description).

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's time for The Blog Train!

What's a blog train?  It's a digital scrapbooking collaborative effort.  Multiple digital scrapbook designers get together (not in the physical sense, it is cyberspace after-all) and, working with the same theme and color palette, each create a mini digital scrapbooking kit (or other useful scrapping item) and then offer them to you, the digital scrapbooking community, for FREE.  You, the person who scrapbooks, then travel from blog to blog collecting any (or all) of the mini kits you wish and when you've finished downloading them all, you have one mega-sized, digital scrapbooking kit to create beautiful, personal memory pages or books for yourself.  Sounds great, huh?

The Blog Train for December, 2011 is called 'Traditions'.  Beginning today (December 1st, 2011), and continuing through the end of the month, you can 'ride the train' to collect digital scrapbook products from 80 or more participating designers!

I am stop number 78 along The Blog Train route.

The stop just before mine is that of 'Meta Wulandari Design' at and your next stop, number 79, will be to 'Digital Gator Designs' at

But before you move on, be sure to download my gift for you (download expired).

Download it by clicking on the image (download expired).

For a complete list of participating designers and their urls, visit the home of The Blog Train at

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nature's Holiday

The designers at E-Scape and Scrap have put together a lovely 'Nature's Holiday', collaborative kit.

With 35 background images and 127 elements, it's a great deal for $8.00; however, through December 31, 2011, you can get it for free with a minimum purchase of $12.00 on other products for sale at The Nifty Boutique.  For more information on how to take advantage of this deal, please visit the Nature's Holiday product page at the Nifty Boutique.

Additionally, there is a collection of Quick Pages available as well as a variety of coordinating add-on kits, elements packs and alphabets; all are at special prices through the end of December.

My coordinating add-on kit, shown below, is just $2.00 during this special sale.  You can find it HERE in my store.

So head on over to The Nifty Boutique at to find some great year end deals.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nothing New For Me But A Freebie For YOU

The winners of the Next Designer Contest over at theStudio were announced yesterday morning... Karen of Snickerdoodle Designs, Rachel of Pretty In Green Designs and Vickilyn of Paper Capers Designs.  These 3 are the 3 I predicted would win; their design entries were beautiful.  Check them out, along with all the other fabulous contest entries for that round, by going HERE at theStudio Gallery.

Since I was not one of the top 3 winners, that means there will be nothing new for me... for now anyway.  However, yesterday I put together a quick little mini kit to contribute to theStudio's 2011 Birthday Bash, Member Mega kit challenge and that means a freebie for you!

  • To download this mini kit from MediaFire, for FREE, click on the image (download expired).
  • To checkout and download the other contributions to this Member Mega Kit Challenge, visit theStudio Galleries HERE.

Thanks for stopping by today; Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Now I Wait

I didn't make it into the 4th round of the Layout Artist Competition over at theStudio but I did make it for the the 4th and final round of The Next Designer Contest. Yay!  My design was submitted on Monday and, well, not I wait.

For the final round we were given a one word theme of 'Midnight' and the only requirements were to have no more than 14 papers and now more than 40 elements, one of the elements had to be an Alphabetic set.

I chose a dark color palette for my kit, one of purple, blue and silver, rather traditional I think for a 'midnight' theme, and then I added red for a touch of romance.  The result?  My kit called 'Midnight Romance' - free for a limited time (please go to theStudio gallery by clicking HERE to obtain the download links)Download link expired - this kit is now available for purchase in my store HERE.

 Thanks for stopping by... Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rounds 2 and 3 of Contests at theStudio

It seems that I'm a bit behind in posting my progress in both the Layout Artist Competition and the Next Designer Contest over at theStudio...

My entry for Week 2 of the Layout Artist Competition was created using the kit 'Afternoon Delight' by JW Digiscraps - I created a page highlighting the day my husband and I met Gerald Charles Dickens, the great, great grandson of the famous author, Charles Dickens.  During the Christmas holiday season, Mr. Dickens performs in a one-man play of his ancestor's story, A Christmas Carol.  All I can say is he is phenomenal and if you ever get the chance to see one of his performances, I highly recommend it!

A True Delight!

My entry for Week 3 of the Layout Artist Competition was created using the collaborative kit 'Goodnight Sweatheart' by BooLand Designs and JulieC Designs  - I believe the polls are still open on this, until 24:00 hours EST tonight (Sept. 20th), so if you have the inkling to vote (you must already be a registered member to vote), the voting poll is HERE.

Pleasant Dreams

For round 2 of the Next Designer Contest we were given a two word theme of 'Summer Afternoon' and directed to used this as our title as well.

I spent a long time thinking about that theme and how I might apply it to a digital scrapbook kit, finally finding my inspiration on the idea of strolling through the park and feeding the ducks.  Since I worked in Boston, Massachusetts for many years and always enjoyed visiting the Boston Public Gardens and Boston Commons, I tried to reflect those places in my mini kit... the swan (from the garden's famous swan boats) and ducks (from the well known bronze sculptures by Nancy Schön which were themselves inspired by the well known children's story, 'Make Way For Ducklings', by Robert McCloskey) were hand-drawn using photographs of both as reference.

Download link expired.
For round 3 of Next Designer Contest we were given the two word theme of 'Evening News' and a request (it was not an obligation) to give it a vintage style.  We were given a base color palette which included 6 neutral colors; we were required to use at least 3 in our designs adding additional colors as desired.  Addtionally, we were not allowed to use and CU (commercial use) designer resources so that makes my mini kit, 'Times to Remember', a one of a kind.

Everything in this collection was created solely with the tools included with my software program (Adobe Photoshop CS5), my hand drawing capabilities and digital image scans of physical objects I own (i.e., books in the public domain - published in the 1800s).

Download link expired.

That's all for now; thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Next Designer Contest Round 1 - Mini Kit Freebie

OK, I may be a little nuts for doing this but I not only joined the 2011 Next Designer Contest at theStudio, I also joined the Layout Artist Competition... if I'm lucky enough to survive the rounds of eliminations then my weekends will be busy at the computer for the month of September!

Here's my layout for the Layout Artist Competition... if you feel so inclined and want to vote, the polls will be open on September 5th (closing at midnight on September 6th) and, I believe, will be posted in THIS forum thread.

Click HERE to view in theStudio Gallery - comments are welcome.

For the first round of the Next Designer Contest we were given a color palette with which to work and given the theme of 'daybreak'.  This got me thinking about mornings... birds singing, sun shining, drinking coffee, early morning blooms... from this I created this mini kit called 'Morning Glory'.  These are original designs by me; the only commercial use products used were for textures and styles on my drawn items.

This mini kit will be available for FREE for a limited time - click HERE to download from MediaFireDownload link expired.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Hats Off to Autumn - Free With Purchase, Designer Collaborative Kit

There's a great deal going on over at The Nifty Boutique for the month of September!  The designers of E-Scape and Scrap have once again collaborated on a digital scrapbook kit; this one is an Autumn theme in a vintage/retro style with 42 digital papers and over 100 embellishments, titled, 'Hats Off to Autumn'.

The kit is $7.00 by itself but if you spend $10 on other products in The Nifty Boutique during the month of September then (with the coupon code fond on The Nifty Boutique Blog) you can get the kit for FREE.

Additionally, there a quite a few 'Hats Off to Autumn' add-ons available for $1.00 or $2.00 for the entire month of September, including my add-on kit (shown below) for $2.00.

For more information, go to The Nifty Boutique Blog, to this post HERE.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Digital Scrapbook Designer Contest at theStudio

I've been in a creative slump for a bit and need to find some new inspiration... maybe, just maybe, I'll get it back again when I start on the Next Designer Contest over at Digital Scrapbook Studio, aka theStudio.

 If you're not familiar with theStudio or their annual birthday bash celebrations, you should head on over there and check things out.  Be quick about it, all the activities begin Sept 1st, 2011.  Not only is there a designer contest but there is also a Studio Layout Artist Competition going on at the same time (you have to sign up for this one).  There'll be lots of freebies and fun to be had for sure, so head on over... soon... now even!

Here are the links:
See you there!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Summer Brights - New Digital Scrapbook Mini Kit Freebie

I participated in this month's color challenge over at theStudio forum - the results are a freebie mini for you to download.

Here's what it looks like:

Click on the image to download (download expired).

Happy Scrapping!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Design Factor 2011 - Final Kit - Free for a limited time

Hello there digital scrapbook fans... just a quick post to let you know that my kit for the final round of The Design Factor 2011 will be available for free download for a limited time.

The final round of The Design Factor challenges was to create a kit with a food theme and two of the digital papers must be patterned with food items of our own making (doodled).  I chose a theme of Italian Cuisine, hence the name of the kit is 'Cucina Italiana'. 

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this kit and I'll probably add to it in the future... it definitely needs garlic and onions and... more!  I hope you like it too.

If you haven't yet been to the DigiScrap Connect, Challenge 6, Design Factor Galleries to collect it, and all the other 'yummy' kits created for the final challenge round, do so quickly, before they're all gone!

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 1st 'Digi Scrap Connect' Blog Train

Welcome to the First Digi Scrap Connect Blog Train.

This blog train is comprised of 24  designers who, for the past 5 weeks, have been participating in the Design Factor Challenge.  For our 5th challenge, it was required to make an element pack using CU items.  Since quite a few of the items being used (and re-used) were the same for each participating designer, we worried that we were going to have flowers, ribbons and strings 'coming out our ears' so we decided to have fun with it and turn it into a great Blog Train by adding some fabulous papers as well.  The 'Flowers, Ribbons, and Strings Oh My!!' blog train was thus born.  We hope you have fun collecting the great mini kits.

Here's mine
Click on the image to download from MediaFire (download expired).

And, for your convenience, I've provided the list of URL links to each of the Blog Train stops.  (Please note, some, if not all of the kits in this blog train will only be available for 1 week.)

DigiScrap Connect {Home Station}
Piccolina Designs
JDK Skrapz
Dancing Princess Designs
Inspired By Dominic Designs
Dana's Footprints Designs
Milly Dee Designs
Amanda and Millie Designs
Rose Thorn Designs <--- You are here.
Kim Hackworth Creations
Scraps by Mara
Digital Gator Designs
Snackpackgu's Designs
Rumki Designs
Designs by Angel
Scrapdragon Designs
Rebecca Meyers Designs
Ramona Memories
Bitny Designs
Lizard Dau Designs
Digital Harmony
Foosa Moon Creations
Midnight Owl

Thanks for stopping by... Happy Scrapping!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Design Factor - Round 4 Freebie

Round 4 of The Design Factor ends tomorrow, but I managed to get my kit finished and uploaded today.

Round 4's challenge required that the participants first create a shape of some sort, one of our own making, not a pre-made, designer resource shape, and then use that shape in 3 patterned papers and 5 unique elements as well as create an alphabet, also incorporating the shape.  This particular challenge was, well, definitely a challenge; I found it difficult to think of different ways to use the same shape and I got bored with it towards the end.  I do hope, however, that some of you digi-scrappers out there will find it useful.

We were allowed to incorporate 4 CU (commercial use) products or designer resources within our designs but I decided to create everything myself, from scratch, using only the basic tools provided within my software programs.

Here's my contribution to Round 4 - Free for a limited time, through the 29th of this month only, after that it will be available in my store.

Click on the image to go to the Design Factor Gallery - download link can be found there.
 Thanks for stopping by today - Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

'Christmas in July' Sale and The Design Factor - Round 3 Freebie

There's a 'Christmas in July' sale going on right now through the 15th at E-Scape and Scrap; get Full kits, alphabets, printables, quick pages, mini albums, stickers and cluster frames at drastically reduced prices - visit the 'Specials' section of The Nifty Boutique.

While there, be sure to check out my 'Christmas Time' kit, a mix of traditional and modern holiday items, at 50% off during the sale it's only $2.00!

 Round 3 of The Design Factor ended on Sunday, July 10th.

Round 3 required that the participants choose a neutral, monochromatic color scheme and add one or more contrasting, brighter colors to use as accents.  The contrasting colors were not to be used on the paper designs and only sparingly on the embellishments.  I really enjoyed this challenge and I think I may apply this coloring method to future designs.

Here's what I came up with for this challenge - Free for a limited time, through the 22nd of this month only, after that it will be available in my store.

Click on the image to go to the Design Factor Gallery - download link can be found there.
 Thanks for stopping by today; happy scrapping!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Design Factor Round 2 - Freebie

Round 2 of The Design Factor ended on Sunday, July 3rd but, due to the Independence Day holiday and the activities I attended in relation to it, I'm a little late posting about it here.

Round 2 presented the participants with the challenge of creating repeating patterned background images (digital papers) using our own 'drawings', be it doodled, painted or drawn and to only used designer resources for texture and styles.  Using InkScape and Adobe Photoshop CS5 software, I designed shapes which I then used to create the leaves, flowers and butterflies; the birds are hand-drawn using the pen tool in CS5.

Here's my contribution to Round 2 - Free for a limited time, through the 15th of this month only, after that it will be available in my store.

Click on the image to go to the Design Factor Gallery - download link can be found there.

Thanks for stopping by today; happy scrapping!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday Celebration, New Kits, Blog Train and a Freebie

This month, The Nifty Boutique at E-Scape and Scrap (the place where my digital scrapbook products sold) is turning 7!  In celebration of this event, Julie Mead, the owner of E-Scape and Scrap and The Nifty Boutique, along with her design team, has collaborated on the making of a beautiful, digital-scrapbook kit, called Lucky 7.

For the entire month of July 2011, if you purchase $10.00 of products from The Nifty Boutique, you can get the Lucky 7 Nifty Designer Series kit for FREE.  Please visit The Nifty Boutique Blog to learn more about this offer and other offers going on the month of July (including a blog train of Lucky 7 coordinated freebies).

Many of the designers loved this kit's theme and color palette so much that they made a number of 'extras' that will coordinate well with the base kit; I created this mini add-on which will be on sale for $2.00 for the month of July.

Click on the image to go to this product in my store at The Nifty Boutque.

That's all for today but I'll be back in a couple of days to post about my round 2 kit for The Design Factor.

Thank you for stopping by and happy scrapping to you!

Digiscrap Forum Blog Train

For the month of July, 2011, Digiscrap Forum is having it's first ever blog train and you're invited to hop on board!

What's a Blog Train?  Click HERE to go to an earlier post of mine where I (attempt to) explain it.

The blog train station (the first stop) is located  HERE in the Digiscrap Forum.  There are 25 designers participating, all using the same color palette.

My blog is stop number 16; if you came to my blog by following the train stops in order, then you would have come to me via the site of Farynar's Wings.

Here is what I have for you; I hope you like it. :-)

PU/S4O/S4H but NOT for Commercial Use

Click on the image to go to MediaFire to download (dowload expired).

Your next stop on the blog train is to Digi Deborah's Designs Dyabel Designs.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by today.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Design Factor

Have you heard of The Design Factor, the challenge going on over at Digi Scrap Connect? It's similar to the layout challenges that you can find a many digital scrapbook forums only this one provides challenges for designing digital scrapbook kits rather than layouts. It's not actually a contest, that is, there is no voting for favorites and there are no eliminations each week.  As long as each designer meets the challenge requirements by the deadline each week and they receive a small (digital) gift and if they finish all the challenges, there's a larger gift at the end.

The Design Factor gives digital scrapbook designers new ideas and the great part, for all you digital scrapbook keepers out there, is you can collect, for free, the kits contributed to the challenge - each kit is expected to be available for a minimum of two weeks.
So, don't miss it! There are over 100 designers signed up to take part in this; that's a lot of digital scrapbook kits!

The first challenge was to create a summer themed kit and this is what I came up with - my 'Water Yum Fun' kit (I know, a weird title but, LOL, I think it works).
Free for a limited time only!
So, head on over to The Design Factor gallery at Digi Scrap Connect now and check out all the kits.  To go directly to my kit, click HERE or on the preview above.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blog Train Time Again

It's time for another blog train; this one is called 'Monkey-ing Around'.

If you've been 'riding the train' from the beginning, then you would have arrived here from Wyld Web Designs; your next stop along the way is to the blog of 'Just Jaimee'.

You can find the list of all the stops (url links) for this blog train by going to the site of The Blog Train.

(Download expired).

PU/S4O/S4H but NOT for Commercial Use

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Old Fashioned Things - New Kit In My Store

I have a new kit in my store called 'Old Fashioned Things'.  A great kit to add to your digital scrapbook collection of old, worn, vintage type kits.

For more information, visit my store at The Nifty Boutique or click on the preview image above.

Thanks for stopping by; Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My 'Gentle Blooms' Digital Scrapbook Kit - Sale and Mini Addon

I have a mini add-on to my 'Gentle Blooms' kit available at The Nifty Boutique - available free through Friday, May 6th, 2011.

Free for a limited time HERE in my store at The Nifty Boutique.

Also, through Friday, you can get the full 'Gentle Blooms' kit for 50% off it's regular price.

50% off through Friday, May 6, 2011 - HERE in my store at The Nifty Boutique.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping to you!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Japan Charity Kit and Upcoming Freebie

Here's a post that is a bit overdue.  I contributed to a digital scrapbook kit created for purposes of raising money to send the the Red Cross in Japan, to aid them in their efforts of helping the countries victims of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that took place there this past March.

If you'd like to do a little in the way of helping them, consider visiting the Enchanted Studio Scraps store to purchase this HUGE kit; all proceeds go to the Japanese Red Cross.

Click HERE to go to this kit in the Enchanted Studio Scraps store.

Heads Up... I'll have a freebie available for the Tuesday Treat at The Nifty Boutique next week (May 3rd) - an add-on to my kit, Gentle Blooms.

If you're signed up for The Nifty Boutique Newsletter, then you'll receive an email about it - if you're not signed yet, what are you waiting for?  Head on over to the The Nifty Boutique now and click on the "sign up here - Newsletter" link found at the upper right of the web site.

Not interested in signing up for the newsletter but still want to know more about the freebie?  Well, you'll just have to visit my store in The Nifty Boutique Blog next week...

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Digital Scrapbook Kits - In The Pink and Gentle Blooms

I have two new kits to show you.

The first, 'In The Pink', is one I completed in February but, silly me, I forgot to post about it.  It's soft, pink colors give it a nice feminine style.  All items are 300ppi and the kit includes 7 papers/backgrounds (3600x3600px) and 26 elements/embellishments to dress up your layouts, most of which are my own designs, giving you a unique collection of scrapbook items.


And, here is a layout I created with this kit, using a photograph of my maternal grandmother.

'In The Pink' is available HERE, in my store at The Nifty Boutique.

My other new kit, just posted today, is 'Gentle Blooms'.  I think you'll find this kit to be fairly versatile in the type of layouts you can create with it (as shown in my sample layouts below).

Although I used a few outside resources in the creating of this kit, as with most of my kits, those resources were used to enhance my own designs, I think you will find that most of the items here are unique to the digital scrapbook world.

All items are 300ppi and the kit includes 18 papers/backgrounds (3600x3600px) and 46 elements/embellishments.

And, here are 3 layouts I created with this kit, all with a different style, to give you an idea of the kit's versatility.

'Gentle Blooms' is available HERE, in my store at The Nifty Boutique.

That's all for today, thanks for stopping by and Happy Scrapping!