Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Kit for Week/Round 3 of the Designer Darling Contest

My basement was flooded on Monday (it's a finished basement - our family room) so the mess and clean-up (which is still going on) threw a BIG monkey wrench into my plans and time for working on the contest kit.... blah, blah, blah... (that's life, right?).   Anyway, my husband, being the extremely wonderful and supportive guy that he is, took on most of the clean-up work so I could continue with the contest.

So, YAY, I finally finished my kit for Week/Round 3 of the Designer Darling Contest and with only a couple of hours to spare!

We were given 4 photographs of a quilt that one of the judges is making and were told to create a kit based on whatever the photo inspired us to do.  Here's one of the photos:

I didn't have an idea right away but after looking it over for a bit I found that the fabric squares reminded me of the decor of the 1950s (not that I REMEMBER that time, LOL).  The muted colors, abstract yet symmetrical patterns, plaids, clean lines and basic shapes, etc., all said retro to me.  So, that's how I came up with this kit I call '1950s Reminiscence'.  I created everything in the kit myself but I worked the hardest on that telephone, which I did by hand.  Anyway, I'm happy with the results and I hope someone will be able to use something from here for their heritage scrapbooking.

To get the kit for FREE, you must be a member of Stuff to Scrap and then you can download it from the Designer Darling Contest threads in the forum.

Happy Scrapping!


  1. Very cool kit! I DO remember the 50's so I can definitely use this, thank you. Sorry to hear about your basement. We've had 3 floods over the years & it's no fun so I sympathise!

  2. Oh my goodness! I'm blown away by this, and envious. How very cool. Great job, Rose.
    Lynn M.