Monday, August 16, 2010

Designing Contests and Freebies


I'm just checking in today to bring you (LOL, if there are any of 'you' out there actually following me) up to date on my status with designer contests and to let you know about some freebies available over at The Nifty Blog (the blog of the E-Scape and Scrap designers).

I'm no longer participating in the Designer Survivor Contest over at Brownie Scraps; I needed to drop out due to having too much on my plate with other things that needed doing.  However, I will be joining the upcoming designer contest that theStudio will be having starting September 1st as part of their birthday bash celebration.

I'm very excited about joining this particular contest because theStudio was my first 'home' in the digital scrapbooking world (back when it was called Stone Accents Studio) and I was on the creative team there for 9 months in 2008.  I would be ever so happy to be able to 'win' that contest and be offered a position in their store; for me this would be, as they say, the icing on the cake!

So, be sure to head on over to theStudio and join the forum so you can join in on the voting when the time comes.

I also wanted to tell you about some freebies that can be found over at The Nifty Blog.  The designers at E-Scape and Scrap have created a bunch of mini kits with the same color palette.

A new mini is being given away for free each week.  This was started on August 3rd and I'll have one coming along there soon myself.  Don't miss out, head on over and check it out (the color palette image is linked to the blog).

Also, if you aren't already signed up for the E-Scape and Scrap Newsletter, why not take a few minutes to do that today?  That way you won't miss out on all the Tuesday Treats (more freebies).  Just go to The Nifty Boutique and you'll see the newsletter sign-up near the top left of the page.

That's all for today.... Happy Scrapping!

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