Saturday, April 6, 2013

My News - Closing My Store


I've decided to close my store at E-Scape and Scrap; it will be closed sometime in the next week.

The reasons for this decision are many fold, some positive, some negative - but all reasons I won't share here.


I want to take a bit of time to find a new direction for myself but, as of right now, my vision is to continue with the designing of digital scrapbook items but, instead of putting them up for sale in a store, I want to share most of them for free.  I may sell an occasional item but those I'll sell from either a personal store or directly from my blog.

I wish also to tap into my past work experiences developing training videos for computer software products and produce some videos or text posts for providing you with 'how-to' tutorials.

And lastly, I hope to find more time to do more actual scrapbooking and post an occasional sample here; perhaps the samples will enable a bit of inspiration for creating a few pages of your own.

Coming Up

  • I have something in the works right now I hope to share here in the next few weeks... Do you want a hint?  Think 'A-B-C's. ;-)
  • Also, I am planning on participating in the blog train at DigiScrap Forum coming in June.
So, I hope you'll not scratch me off your list of digital scrapbook blogs and come back to visit again.

Thanks for stopping by today; Happy Scrapping.

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