Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A New Blog Offering Free Digital Scrapbook Designs and Designer Resources

I have a new blog!

Please visit me at 

This blog will, over time, be cleaned-up and some items will be moved to my new blog which will host free downloads of my digital designs.

Check out my recycled 'Bejeweled' kit and my new 'Bejeweled Alpha' (free downloads) at my new blog now.


  1. Rose your work is outstanding. so very very beautiful. I am adding to follow. Thanks also for letting me know about the spelling mistake on my blog. I had no idea i had made such a silly mistake. I shall go and correct it now. Thanks again. I look forward to seeing lots more of your work. Hugs June x

    1. Thak you June, this, however is my old blog and I no longer update it; my newer, more current blog is: